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Into the fog with the Chrysler 300

We like rainy days and snowy weather here at Brown Daub Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, and with good reason. If there's one vehicle that take on the elements with the utmost of class and elegance, it's the Chrysler 300, and we can't help but rave about this full-size model if you're a fan of large, vintage-inspired cars.


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Update Your Used Chrysler Model

While purchasing pre-owned models offers you competitive pricing on previous generations, it does sometimes mean less advanced technology features -- or none at all. At Brown Daub Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, we want you to find the most affordable options for your lifestyle, which is why we'd like to highlight the following article from Edmunds.com, offering helpful suggestions for upgrading your recently purchased used vehicle.

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Allergies? Your car is probably making them worse!

Sneezing, runny nose, and the dreaded itchy eyes... ALLERGIES, tis the season. 
Those of us that suffer from these symptoms do all that we can to keep our homes and work spaces free from allergens but we often overlook one place : OUR CARS!
We see it all over them; that greenish yellow dust on the windshield. All that and more is being removed from the air we breath inside our vehicles by filters. Just like your house HVAC filters, your car's cabin air filter needs to be replaced to keep us breathing easy and to help your car run…
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Winterizing Your Vehicle

What does it mean to "Winterize" a vehicle? Do I really need to do this? As I researched this question I found an article on Edmunds.com explaining what needs to be done and why. It's not only beneficial to the longevity of your vehicle but will help keep you from being stranded... keeping you and your family safe.Edmunds breaks it down to 10 points, most are simple inspections of your vehicles components and carrying a few tools in your car for emergency situations.Click on any of these points to see more detail from Edmunds.Consider using…
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